Exclusive Review: Dearbones – “Feed The Birds” Single

Since emerging onto the scene in 2017, Massachusetts quartet Dearbones began gaining an insatiable following with their highly energetic indie/post-hardcore signature sound and visually captivating live shows. And on Halloween of this year in 2020, the band dropped a track that would continue to prove that their presence is a massive one with the release of “Feed The Birds.”

Accompanied by a charismatic official music video, Dearbones grabs the listener by the throat and dares you to ask them to loosen the grip. The edge-of-your-seat intro is a thrust of anticipation with a buildup that is bound to heighten the blood pressure just a little, and once the song kicks into high gear, all bets are off. With a dueling single picking and full chord blast technique, the soaring guitar progressions and melodies on this track are furious, unrelenting and unwavering in its execution. Adding to the fury is a super tight-knit rhythm section with a host of drum progressions and bass lines that cruise through each measure diligently to tie all the energy together; giving off a presence that is highly contagious and dynamically crafty.

Frank Chuili’s vocals are packed full of violent punches and at the same time provide an atmospheric and anthemic aura. With neurotic screams and lyrical outbursts that bring a plethora of heavy rawness to the band’s authenticity, the clean cut and melody driven chorus really adds a brilliant finishing touch to everything else that surrounds it. Altogether, all four members bring crucial components to this track and equally serve major importance to the band’s entirety. “Feed The Birds” is the perfect track to truly hear how dynamic and talented these musicians are both individually and collectively. This anchor single is not only effective, but also pivotal to the band as well granted this song definitely raises the bar very high for any subsequent release – it’s gonna be a tough track to follow, but Dearbones continues to prove their worth with every song they put together. So we have no doubt they will continue to slay their way to the top. “Feed The Birds” is available now on YouTube, Social Media and several digital music streaming platforms.

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Exclusive Review: Tanner J. Royal – “The Hunter” Single

With powerful lyrical melodies and anthemic song structures that are cleverly executed throughout the song’s duration, NYC indie musician Tanner J. Royal proves with his newest banger “The Hunter” that his artistic merit is reaching new levels and directions as he continues to write, record and release new tunes to the masses.

Formerly the front man of pop-punk outfit Burn Out Brighter, Tanner J. Royal‘s solo effort has dynamically built him a solid signature sound with an insatiable following since emerging out the gate. “The Hunter” delves into melodic territories that are comprised of addictively rhythmic vocal harmonies, witty lyrical outbursts and versatile writing techniques that showcase Tanner‘s abilities effectively and diligently. Encompassing the edginess of a raw indie rock flavor combined with synthetic pop sensibilities, this single is a perfect fit for both mainstream radio and the underground music world. It draws that perfect balance between yesterday and today’s more catchy pop rock heavyweights like Bruno Mars, Kenny Vasoli, Jason Mraz and others of a similar calibre. It can easily blend in with several eras of rock and that is one of the anchor reasons that this track is as affective as it is.

Whether Tanner realizes it or not, this track is very pivotal to his career in the best ways possible and for all the right reasons. It easily exceeds expectations of current fans and sets the bar high for new listeners as well. His task of accomplishing another track on this level is imperative, but if “The Hunter” is any indication, his direction is upward and outward – ready to secure a spot at the top with other up and comers that are thriving in today’s underground music outlets. This track has chart-topping potential and you’ll have a very difficult time trying to get this tune out of your head. “The Hunter” is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and other digital music streaming platforms.

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Exclusive Review: Ultra_Eko – “Alternate Realities” Album/LP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

If you’re looking for an innovative sound that combines dynamic elements of Rock, Hip Hop and even Funk-driven sensibilities, then Ultra_Eko‘s full length record ‘Alternate Realities’ is your draft pick in every way. And for very good reasons.

Emerging onto the London scene since summer 2019, ‘Alternate Realities’ is UE‘s third release and really solidifies a signature sound that puts him into a category and stylization that is completely conjured from his own creative force. With consistent releases and writing since his inception into the game, Ultra_Eko is a masterfully crafted force to be reckoned with and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Comprised of 15 strong tracks that showcase multiple genre elements throughout the album’s duration, UE takes us on a journey that encompasses top notch production value, multi-layered and multifaceted songwriting techniques, and an execution of vocals that touch on both equal parts originality and familiarity; giving each listener a broad spectrum of flavors to indulge with every song. There’s something for everyone on this album and you never hear the same thing twice. But the beauty of it is you also can tell every song is coming from the same artist.

There’s a lot of genre bending on this record, but UE never outdoes himself or oversteps boundaries by any means. Each track is mixed diligently and really encapsulates his raw talent through the lens of many clever angles. You can hear flavorful lyrics that you can easily resonate with along with a vocal execution that is diverse, original and very versatile. The album brilliantly launches into full force with intro track “The Second Chapter,” which has a wholesome vibe and really demonstrates the true nature to UE‘s craft. Other bangers like “Halo” and “Where You At?” also bring some of the strongest elements of this album to the forefront and really delve into a style that showcases UE‘s overall execution most effectively. His efforts on this record are ambitious, atmospheric and really gives the audience a truly visceral listening experience that will leave an everlasting impression on you. Especially if this is the first time you come across his music.

Europe has some of the best up and coming artists among its landscape and Ultra_Eko is further proof of that. ‘Alternate Realities’ is a rare gem that will not have you skipping over one track. The album drops on November 16th and will be available on Apple Music, Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms. This is a must-listen on all accounts, and you’ll be thanking us later. So in advance – you’re welcome.

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