Artist Spotlight: Nick Ivey Comes Back Out The Gate With His Viscerally Catchy Single “Love You Show You Done Foreal”

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Nick Ivey and his crew at SFS Sound have been pumping out the hits lately and readers are definitely intrigued by not only Nick‘s craft for Hip Hop, but his determination and authenticity as an artist as well. Nick comes back to the Artist Reach platform for round two for his infectiously catchy single “Love You Show You Done Foreal”.

For real, you gotta hand it to Nick. When it comes to getting his message across, he holds nothing back and delivers a compelling narrative. And this track does exactly that, this time with the woes of a relationship, and being tired of the female antics the male race has come to know when it comes to putting up with a drama queen. This is definitely an identifiable and relatable track that’ll give Nick at least 10 nods and affirmations from his fans when it comes to executing this concept in its spectral light.

And he shines the light of truth on this track. Coming at us with another anthemic and ambient beat at the forefront, Nick‘s swift and smooth lyrical caressing comes out in full force and locks the track down with unrelenting deliverance. His vocals ominously carry us through each bar and measure in a way that parallels perfectly with the rhythmic beat and production value as a whole. It’s a song of many likability factors and once again showcases the multifaceted side to Nick‘s writing style and eclectic take on Hip Hop.

Nick Ivey is definitely one of those gems that’s ready to be discovered on a much larger scale. His collective at SFS is his stomping grounds and is eager to bring other like minded musicians of all calibers to the platform to create more magic. Just like this current Nick Ivey single. Take a listen to this track yourself, as well as the rest of his and SFS‘s catalogue which is currently available on SoundCloud below.

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Artist Review: SFS Sound Presents Nick Ivey – “Grew Up With Nothin’” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

The collective at Simple Functioning Solutions have put together an incredible platform of rising musicians determined to bring other artists together to collaborate, innovate and take their realm to new ideas and greater heights. One of SFS‘s anchor musicians, Nick Ivey, a versatile Hip Hop artist with his own multifaceted signature sound, has recently dropped a track that is lyrically dynamic and compellingly visceral.

This single is called “Grew Up With Nothin'”, an amazing concoction of clever punchlines, witty rhyming techniques and an ambient beat that fits beautifully with today’s more modern spectrum of Hop Hop. The track is crafty and has great beat structures. It has nostalgic production techniques and textures that really brings Nick‘s vocal approach to the forefront and gives you a sense of his authenticity and artistic merit.

The song flows well – it is t convoluted and really delivers up an aura of Hip Hop that touches on both originality and familiarity, giving the listener a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable; and especially relatable. You can hear his lyrical narratives very clearly, and doesn’t bombard his rhymes with strong accents that are hard to understand. His voice is clean, smooth and really gets his message across.

Best of all, this track is one that is easily likable. His musicianship factors are anything but ordinary and the self-production makes it all the more authentic and real. Nick, as well as the platform at SFS, are expanding their network to reach out to other rising musicians with the desire to head in the right direction. If you’re an artist looking for a crew to collaborate with and make magic, then SFS is the perfect outlet for that. “Grew Up With Nothin'” as well as other music in their discography can be heard on their SoundCloud page below. You’ll be more than happy we sent you there.

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