Exclusive Artist Review: Shannie Ross – “Come Home” Single

Emerging from the south side of Houston in Texas, R&B/Pop rising starlet Shannie Ross has been making a prominent name for herself in the music realm since the age of fourteen when she dropped her debut single. She’s been an independent powerhouse since her career manifested and has demonstrated through a vast array of releases that her signature sound is authentic and her songwriting ability is far above the industry standard. Beloved by many fans with drawn comparisons to artist heavyweights like Mary J Blige and Aaliyah, Shannie Ross has sustained an unwavering presence in the music world and has truly showcased her musical versatility over the years with many successful releases, and now in 2021, she has raised the bar even more with her newest anthemic single “Come Home”.

Shannie effectively shines on this track from multiple angles and really delivers a wholesome performance with her charismatic lyrics and multifaceted vocal range. Comprised of a soulful and swagger piano progression, Shannie’s vocals take center stage and really delve deep into her crafty delivery and artistic merit. It has today’s modern sensibility but also captures that 90s nostalgia that contributed to one of the more crucial R&B eras, making it the powerful genre it is today. This song’s production value is also on the top of its game and doesn’t resort to any gimmicks or cheap tactics. It pays attention to the fine detail and goes over every measure with fine toothed comb. It’s an authentic approach with a strong writing structure, giving Shannie Ross all the room she needs to serve up tasteful vocal melodies from start to finish without missing a beat.

One thing about this song especially is the staying power – where it stays with you even long after it’s over. And before you know it, you’ll be delving deep into Shannie Ross’s career and discography, easily adding her to your list of favorites in 2021. This song really grabs your undivided attention and Shannie’s musical ability is showcased very strongly throughout the track’s duration. You’ll simply fall in love at first listen. “Come Home” is available now on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be more than glad you gave it a listen. It may be your first, but it definitely won’t be last.


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Artist Review: Shannie Ross – “Lesson” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Continuing to insatiably thrive in the market with her undisputed looks and talent, southern songstress Shannie Ross knocks it out of the park with her newest single “Lesson.”

Houston has a new queen, skip the princess part. From a dynamic image and versatile vocal approach, Shannie shows us she is worthy of the crown in this latest banger.

Amassing an enormous industry buzz with the success of her most recent EP Rebirth, her new R&B-infused track explores different multi-genre avenues with her articulate vocal style, but it’s her voice itself that really carries the torch throughout this song. She can be sensually sweet and cleverly charismatic all at once, and never fails to implement these factors into all the right places.

The pacing of the song is well-driven and doesn’t drag out, Shannie makes very good melody choices in each measure and really brings out different angles to what she’s capable of, and she’s well aware of how to maintain the proper vocal control. With a sing-songy Hip Hop style mixed with elements of Pop, she really delves into a whole new and next-level realm for the R&B genre and adds incredible balance and composure to make her recognizable and identifiable in any part of the market; be it indie or mainstream.

And that’s the thing I like the most about Shannie Ross – the multifaceted presentation. Being able to take on different roles of the same image and making her ear and eye candy for anyone that appreciates a more-than-solid R&B and Hip Hop-oriented track. Her music can be an outfit for just about anywhere in the market whether it’s the radio circuit, a movie soundtrack or any atmosphere in need of a modern, soulful voice.

For anyone interested in true southern heat, Shannie Ross really fires it up with this new single, and I’m more than positive you’ll agree once you take a listen. Be sure to check into this artists’s back catalogue as well, including her music videos. You won’t be disappointed.

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