Exclusive Review: Adam Watson – “Goodbye Shouldn’t Hurt This Bad (The Nation’s Single)”

Cover Art of Adam Watson’s Single

Visceral artists like Adam Watson know how to truly convey a powerful message. One that is relevant, ambient and truly earth shatteringly real when it’s authentically delivered. Adam, who has been honing his musical craft for 20 years, breathes true life into his powerful anthem “Goodbye Shouldn’t Hurt This Bad: The Nation’s Single”. A song about the devastation of COVID19 and how it has affected us all both individually and wholesomely. The sickness, pain, and overall pandemic this tragedy has brought to the forefront.

Inspired by a few of Adam‘s favorite TV personalities like Rachel Maddow (MSNBC), one of many who had COVID scares, compelled the rising Hip Hop/R&B and Indie up-and-coming star to put his pen to paper and voice to mic. With a gold standard beat that is subtle with ambience and an essence that brings a vast array of emotions, this track’s mood is completely content but expressive as well; bringing beauty to subjects even like this. It’s a song that encompasses the beauty of a tragic truth; one that is avoidable and all too real.

Adam Watson‘s low-to-mid vocal tones are more story-telling than anything else and delivers the message in a way that resonates with your undivided attention. It’s no wonder this song has received the critical acclaim that it has – its content is hard hitting, relatable, undeniable and connects all of us in some way. If real hope for this pandemic comes from a true voice, then Adam Watson is that voice; togetherness, realness, and a true form of a nation’s re-introduction and strength. This song truly parallels the national anthem and brings a sense of equality to the idea altogether. All for one, one for all. Adam Watson wrote this song to stand with you…will you stand with him?

The song released just a few days ago, but will hold its strength for years to come. You can find it on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and several other digital music streaming platforms. If the national anthem still holds that unconditional feeling in your heart, then I compel you to put “Goodbye…” on that same scale. This is 2020’s true anthem, and every measure expresses this direction no matter how heartsick you may be.


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Exclusive Review: Hyde Out – “Smoke And Mirrors” Album/LP

Hailing from the landscapes of London, and led by Omar Merlo and Jaka Levstek, the dynamic duo have been creating musical fusion starting in 2014 and since then have been hitting the ground running in the musical realm with their indie, catchy and anthemic signature sound. With both members stemming from a vast array of artist influences and backgrounds, their passionate musicianship comes full circle with their most recent 12-track juggernaut, Smoke And Mirrors.

An album that is versatile, diverse and multifaceted in its execution, Smoke And Mirrors channels a viscerally clean, full sound that leaves no stone unturned that truly brings out some of the strongest, crucial elements that both musicians bring to the table with absolute precision and passion. While the more subtle few first tracks conjure the album’s highly produced aura as it continues to play out, it’s highlights like “Welcome” and title track “Smoke And Mirrors” that the LP’s fruition starts to really show itself with its anthem-worthy choruses, indie creative facets and all around distinguished centerpieces of the album’s heart and soul (even though it all ties together). The backup vocals are hypnotic, chorus-like and are appropriately placed. The dynamic carefulness and care-freeness of the rhythm section, especially in the title track, really give birth to the insatiable ability that this album clearly gives off, almost theatrically but never strayed far from the classic album concept.

Other gems on this dual collective is “Make My Day”, one that starts out like a day at the beach but end up entrenched in a hurricane by the time that relentlessly heavy chorus flows in. Better get out of the water or learn how to swim in a tsunami, basically. The high gain guitars once again trudge through unwavering heaviness and hold nothing back. The brilliance of the high range vocals that soar through this track are very effective and transition diligently between energy and dynamic guitar work — piecing it all together as a unit rather than just one highlighted component.

Each track has its own charm and powerful grace among its actual composition, but none quite like this one. The record ends with a more futuristic and hypnotic feel with a far different vocal that is more confrontational than contemporary. The catchiness on this record is contagious and one of the strongest, giving each chorus alone more than enough worthiness to its own liking. The closing guitar-oriented track “This Looks Like” is not only an instrumentally story-telling piece, but feels a lot shorter that it actually is; giving it that re-listenability that full length records rarely have. Overall, a duo pumping out a record like this is on entirely new levels, and you will unwaveringly adore every track “Smoke And Mirrors” has to offer.


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Neoborn Caveman – “12 Days of Love” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Neoborn Caveman has graced our platform before. And the more we get to know him, the more versatility of his musical stature comes to light. His single “12 Ways of Love” is definitely a rollercoaster ride of one of his many angles of multifaceted goodness that truly shines on a path that bridges the gap between originality and familiarity; giving us even more insight into NC‘s soundscapes and artistic merit.

Utilizing a more electronically infused signature sound, from beginning to end, NC‘s vocals resonate both lyrically and rhythmically parallel. And that’s what makes this song truly unique – we get to indulge into NC‘s vocal abilities in ways that are multilayered with standouts of their own.

The usage of EDM is very anthemic and organized. Everything flows melodically much like his other material, but, “12 Ways of Love” is a modern treat for the ears that brings forth a futuristic sound that is also comprised of many familiar vocal melody structuring. And that’s another facet of this song – structuring. We get genre-bending elements that are surprising but still smoothly transitioned in a way that doesn’t throw the song off. Oh, and the subtlety in NC‘s voice manages to sustain perfectly alongside his musical character. The many elements used to suspend every measure of this song is chosen wisely and crafted carefully. This song has twists and turns, but never strays from its actual foundation that the track starts with. “12 Ways Of love” is one big dose of versatility with its own sense of sweetness, splendor and charm all doused in one electronic package of compelling production value.

“12 Ways of Love” releases August 31st and will be available everywhere including all digital music streaming platforms.

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