Artist Review: Untitled Art – “The Change” & “Love Will Tear Us Apart” Singles

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Get ready for an electronic throwdown from eclectic Artist/Producer Untitled Art and his double-single release of “The Change (Part 1)” and “Love Will Tear Us Apart (Part 1)”

Both of these tracks do not disappoint. We get a heavy dose of ambient and energetic sequences with “The Change (Part 1)” with versatile vocal leads and a modern electronic sensibility with a touch of the 90s era.

This track conducts itself way and has very interesting transitions into each set of measures. The use of synthesizers is very thought provoking, multifaceted, and glistened over with vocal melodies that really bring out this song’s anthemic atmosphere and rhythmic aura. You can tell it’s been perfected with a fine tooth comb – a blemish has yet to be found.

Then we get a cruising shockwave of electronic landscapes with “Live Will Tear Us Apart (Part 1)” which grabs hold of you and refuses to let go. Accompanied by a hypnotizing catchy chorus that gives this song a visceral signature, this track’s energy is a takeoff and landing into a whole new realm of electronic bliss. But mostly just a takeoff.

While the vocals are showcased more, it’s this song’s bridge and breakdown that absolutely highlights the eclectic nature and heavier components of the overall song structure. It’s a face-melter, pure and simple. And could possibly be the Death Metal of modern electronic music. Regardless – “Love Will Year Us Apart (Part One)” will tear off the roof of your house. And you’ll love every second of it.

Whether there are sequels (or at least a Part 2) planned for these singles remains to be seen, but I remain hopeful. Untitled Art‘s wave of eclectic authenticity is definitely encompassed with both of these tracks, both as an artist and creator. They’re a strong reflection of his skills, a brilliant demonstration of his musicianship, and an accurate depiction of his craft. These tracks will absolutely shake you to the core.

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Artist Review: Untitled Art – “Philly To Long Branch Part 2” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Energetic, fast, relentless, and a blast of versatility in the EDM wave. 

I’ve never really heard anything like this. Untitled Art brings us a fast-paced and heavy presence with their powerful, grungy take on EDM with their single “Philly To Long Branch Part 2”, presenting some of the most impressive vocal executions that could be displayed with this type of in-your-face energy. 

It’s melodic, versatile, unforgettable to the ear, and absolutely original. It starts out completely eye-brow raising and continues to get more insatiably dynamic, innovative, loud, and action-movie worthy. 

The vocal ranges and overall mix is one of the best parts that brings out the mastered craft and artistic merit with this single, and it never outdoes itself in any way. The structures continue to stay loud, but melodic. Its formula is very fresh, but you can still hear many of yesterday and today’s musical influences that give this song extremely high likability factors. It’s definitely a song you’ll come back to time and time again, especially if you’re looking to blast something raw and original to your friends or music lovers looking for new food for the ear.

This is a brilliant single, and it definitely entices you to research more into what Untitled Art has available in their past catalogue, and future collectively. Chances are, you won’t be disappointed in the least.

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