“What Artist Reach is doing for Artists is amazing!” -Motown Records

Est. 2014

We at Artist Reach are an Award-Winning New York City / Tri-State area Musician/Artist-Operated company that dynamically specializes in Artist Development, Professionally published and written music reviews/interviews, and other Music Industry Services with a “for musicians, by musicians” formula. We are a collective effort; a Professional Music Community with elite services in various Music Industry fields to help Bands and Artists of all genres, types, and experience to get on that path to a successful music career. We are a dynamic, passionate team of Professional Services that hold a high success client rate (over 2,000 clients from both the Fiverr platform as well as social media/independently), known for personalizing your learning experience and giving you thorough-paced results. Our mission is all about services of many major defining factors: Talent, Image Presentation, Songwriting, Stage Presentation, Effective Promotion Techniques, and everything else needed to make sure you are a true Music Professional with the solidified key to talent and success. That’s what our mission is…to get you where you deserve to be. To bring out the best of your potential where you can utilize it in ways to benefit your future in music.

Whether being at mere basics or advanced stages, our services will help you immensely get to the next level in your music career.What sets us aside from your typical Music Business “Network” or Music Lesson “Program” is that we are run by pro musicians; a real team of undeniably talented, professional musicians with 20+ years of hands-on, self-taught industry experience. That’s the best of all- we, as a company, also provide that same kind of hands-on experience for you as an Artist, and person on a Professional level that will produce effective, rapid results in a very short amount of time. We are not designed as your dime-a-dozen “Network” where you seek out Artist Services or a Source…because we ARE the Source, and those Artist Services you’ve been looking for. So why not learn it from those who have already taught it to themselves AND have experienced it? Why hunt down other industry networks or “how to” web sites when you can get it all right here in one place? From the team that learned it all, so they could teach it to you. A real chance at being a real professional is right here waiting for you.

Like said, we have a team of people with years under their belts in the Music Industry, and have beyond exceptional abilities for anything you may need. We do not “screen” people or turn them away due to lack of ability, resources, or industry experience. We are here to bring you up to that next level, that next gig, opportunity, or chapter in your pursuit of music. We have seen Artists start from the bottom and rise…and that person could very well be you. We are here to help you speed up that process; get to know you as an Artist, and qualify you with the best services we have to offer to suit you best.

We are also a Network of Professional Musicians that stick together and help bring the best out of each other. We are 100% DIY. So we encourage any interaction possible to help any Artist who reaches out to someone who is in need of any kind of Artist needs. So please, feel free to make any use of this Industry Source as you see fit. Sky’s the limit. The Music Industry is a battlefield…so by making use of any service our Company has to offer, we are here to arm you with Industry guns.

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17 thoughts on “About

  1. I am so stoked to be part of the roster. Now thanks to truly passionate professionals, I can really get where I need to be as an Artist!! Thank you Artist Reach!
    -Eric Lee Oswalt

  2. I really like this site very informative about other artist as well as great way to share and promote the work. I look forward to staying updated and enjoying whats next to come for the artist featured on this site.

  3. Hello Artist Reach

    There is an artist who I have been working with for the last 3 years named Diesal. We publish 2 albums and created a buzz greate songs catchy hooks with explosive energy. I believe he has the attitude, It and wow all rap up. All he needs is an bigger platform to excel.

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