Get Services from actual Pro Musicians

We have a great selection of Award-Winning Music Services; and these services are provided to you by REAL musicians that have been in the field for a long, long time. So we provide the most effective results you could ever ask for. These are services FOR musicians, BY musicians. 

Here are some of the Professional Music Services we offer to help get you to that next step in your journey of music. We do accept Custom Orders, so if you need a Consultation about a certain Service we offer, or may want to work out a price deal, don’t hesitate to reach out. Consultations always help with exploring your options and getting to know us better as well. This can either be done by phone, in person, or through Email to obtain any information you need about the Music Services we offer, or any other inquiries you may have. We always personalize every Artist or Band with their needs and goals. We are all unique, different, and in different stages of our careers. So we wanna make sure we qualify you with the best service(s) we can to fit your Music Career needs.

All ages, genres, & styles are welcome! We also work with Artists Internationally/Worldwide. If you’d like to setup a consultation before you select the service you need, you can Contact us with these methods below:

  • Front Page Review & Music Feature

This is one of our most popular site & artist features, and is done on a consultation basis. You or your Band get a Full Page Review of your Music on our Official Website Home Page, which will be one of the first things our website visitors see because all Reviews are Published right on the Homepage Front, which averages 1200-1500 weekly visitors. So it’s great exposure and an awesome addition to your EPK or Press sections of your website, social media, or music streaming artist profiles.

Bonus: This Review Feature comes with Social Media Promo on ALL Artist Reach platforms, ensuring you even more exposure. Your Review/Feature will be announced and posted on our:

Twitter: (165,000+ Followers)

Facebook: (24,000+ Likes/Fans)

Instagram: (27,000+ Followers)

LinkedIn: (30,000+ Connections)

To consult about getting your music reviewed, contact us at

  • Professional Artist/Band Bio or Press Release

A Band or Artist Bio is just like your sales pitch. Your first impression, or best impression. Something that is designed to draw in the interests of Record Labels, Show Promoters, Producers, A&Rs, and much more.
We have extensive knowledge of the Music Business both onstage and off. And for an affordable rate, we’ll write you a very compelling, effective, authentic, and professional bio that will easily exceed your expectations. We can write for any type of Artist or Band no matter what genre they play, how long or short they’ve been active, or anything else they may need assistance with.
We’ve been studying and working hands-on with Music for over 20 years. Get your bio done by a team that’s been in your shoes…still is, and always will be!

Note: We can also write bios for companies, businesses, and products as well! Inquire if you have any questions about this service.

Price: 45$

(Payment Center is located below)

PayPal Link: Click Here

We are also on:

•Share Pro — Submit your music by clicking here to have us give you a professional analysis of your release. Over 120 submissions!

•FiverrClick here to check out our store – with over 300+ client reviews!

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  1. Good Evening.
    My name is Sky Janga. I am an Artist/Producer and business owner of a Music Recording Studio and am in need of PR services and help crafting bios for myself as an artist producer and business owner to gain exposure for my company and my artistry. I would like to get help getting the word out about the services i do to capitalize on new clients

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