Exclusive Artist Review: Marc Armitage – “Augmented Soundtrack” EP

Fans of the gaming world will absolutely love this. Since the early 2000s, Keyboardist/Programmer and Producer Marc Armitage has been hitting the ground running in the music realm with his distinctive futuristic style and formulaic textures. He has put out many solid releases over the years and has amassed an insatiable fan base. And now, with the release of his newest EP ‘Augmented Soundtrack’, Armitage has undoubtedly raised the bar as he continues to soar to the top of his game.

Comprised of 6 brilliantly visceral tracks, ‘Augmented Soundtrack’ is a collection of electronically-infused cover songs from various popular video games including Deux Ex and Duke Nukem. Armitage uses his extensive experience in programming and production on this record to bring forth a futuristic aura that will leave gamers out there with a feeling of nostalgia like never before. He uses many layers throughout each song and is very attentive to detail when it comes to making every measure as wholesome as possible. The track “Stalker [Factory Reset v2]is an energetically versatile listening experience with punchy grooves and jam packed with high gain guitars and hauntingly ominous melody choices. Each facet of this track is not only well executed with its songwriting structure, but also performed with absolute precision. This is definitely a personal favorite that really sets the tone for the record’s duration. “NYC Streets [Reamplified]” is another notable track with an anthemic atmosphere that continues to showcase the many angles of Armitage‘s artistic merit. It further explores his ability to craft songs with unparalleled performance value and really delves into his overall signature style. The keyboard scales divulge in melodies that not only stand at the forefront, but also contributes to the integrated and innovative structure that this song lays down with its foundation. It’s a magical listening experience and definitely brings every effective musicianship factor to the spotlight.

‘Augmented Soundtrack’ will definitely be beloved by veteran gamers out there spanning back the last few decades. It has that classic electronic sound we’ve come to know and love, but also takes on a modern twist that gives this record a perfect balance between originality and familiarity. This EP was officially released this past February and is currently available as a free download on Bandcamp. It’s also available on Spotify and other digital music streaming platforms as well. Be sure to give this one a listen – you’ll love every minute of it.


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