Exclusive Review: Fitch Means – “Pretend” Single/Music Video

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Press photo of Fitch Means

This is R&B the way it was meant to be. When it comes to passionate lyrics, good looks and musical vision, Fitch Means is an absolute trifecta. And with the release of his newest single “Pretend”, all of his qualities come together full circle.

Accompanied by a cinematically visual music video, “Pretend” is a glowingly intimate track all about the decline of a relationship, but still loving that person while trying to preserve the friendship. But realizing it’s too painful and eventually letting go, knowing that there is happiness out there once you finally break the ties that bind you. With a flow of ambience and an impressively high vocal range, Fitch is a complete heartthrob in this song from start to finish. His meaningful lyrics are anthemic and deep, leaving the listener with relatable content that resonates with just about anyone that has gone through a similar situation. Encompassing a stylish R&B swagger that is reminiscent of genre greats like Usher, Ne-Yo and those alike, Fitch serves up a fresh modern take of R&B goodness while still maintaining a traditional signature vibe that fans have come to know and love over many years. Boasting a nostalgic and refreshing callback to the 90s and early 2000s before the genre became somewhat convoluted. But make no mistake, Fitch Means hits home with this single in every way and his voice will be a vital one if he stays on this path.

Still shot of Fitch Means’ video for “Pretend”

This is not just another R&B song, it’s a true stroke of anthemic bliss. Once you hear Fitch‘s voice for the first time, you’ll know it’s one that’ll stick with you. “Pretend” is available now on Spotify, Apple Music and all other digital music streaming platforms. The official music video is available on YouTube and is linked below.

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Exclusive Review: Ezra Hyte – “Monster” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Ezra Hyte’s Single

Ezra Hyte‘s ambient signature sound is one that can be instantly recognized when browsing through his respective catalogue of tracks he’s put out. The independent artist began hitting the ground running from the moment he started his career in music. Now, with the release of his newest single “Monster”, he has raised the bar to new heights that very few artists can admit.

With a subtle and hypnotic, trance-like synth opening, “Monster” takes us on a journey through the eyes of Ezra himself and a past relationship with the emotions that intertwine throughout the song. His beautifully textured clean vocals are harmonious and intimate, expressing raw and real passion in both lyrical content and musical execution. Combining an anthemic mix of alternative and EDM sensibilities, this track is top of the line in both production and performance value. It’s a refreshing modern edge that takes the soul on a journey and embraces our musical love and lust with an atmospheric centerpiece. It’s an unforgettable song, and Ezra really carries the torch both vocally and musically from beginning to end.

Press photo of Ezra Hyte

If you’ve never heard Ezra Hyte before, then this song will absolutely surprise you. It’s a flawless track that really encompasses you, and the atmosphere of the song is a complete standout and never lets up throughout the track’s duration. “Monster” is an absolute masterpiece, and it’s available now on Apple Music, Spotify, and other mainstream music streaming platforms. This is a must-hear for 2020 in every way.

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Exclusive Review: Mad Man Smooth – “To The Left” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art for Mad Man Smooth’s new single

Pomona, California’s Mad Man Smooth has been a pioneer in the Rap and Producer game and began hitting the ground running in the 90s. Known as a vital voice in the Hip Hop community, the Doc Madnezz Recording Artist has released an impressive extensive catalogue of albums and singles that have garnered him an insatiable buzz and fan base. Now, with the release of his newest single “To The Left”, MMS has raised the bar both for himself and his respective scene. And for good reasons.

With a fun salsa-like beat at the forefront with melodic melody choices, this track is a fire hot sensation from beginning to end with a style that balances both originality and familiarity. MMS‘s low-to-mid range voice is instantly noticeable and flows with a crisp clear approach that gets you to easily understand him. His old school lyrical vibe parallels perfectly with his modernized spin on a distinctive Hip Hop signature sound. It’s a flavorful delivery of skilled rhyming techniques that delves deep into both content and character all wrapped up into one big versatile musical package.

Another thing this track has going for it is the staying power, where the song stays with you even long after it’s over, and gets better each time you re-listen to it. MMS is extremely multifaceted and his artistic merit really shines on this song in a way that demonstrates several angles of his lyrical ability. This song is also a lead single to his upcoming 8th studio album, ‘Autonomous: Chapter V’, which drops on June 29th. We can’t recommend it highly enough. If you didn’t know Mad Man Smooth before, you do now.

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Exclusive Review: Benjamin Andrews – “Silver Lining” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art for Benjamin Andrews’ debut single “Silver Lining”

Hailing from the landscapes of Vienna, artist/songwriter Benjamin Andrews began hitting the ground running in the music spectrum many years ago, mostly playing in bands and collating with other musicians. But with his current situation not allowing him to meet up with his band mates, mostly due to location, Andrews decided to conjure up his own project, playing all roles, with the help of some session musicians, including engineer/producer. As the project nears the end of production, Benjamin decided to put out his debut single “Silver Lining” as a taste of what’s to come when his full project comes to fruition.

“Silver Lining” is a tasteful blend of Pop and Rock with many multifaceted textures that showcases Benjamin Andrews‘ talents with both performance and production value. It’s a song for everyone, and was written during Ben‘s first week of lockdown due to COVID19. The song is about hope and optimism even when times are dark, and really brings a feeling of not being alone and getting through trials and tribulations with togetherness. This brilliantly crafted tune has flavorful piano riffs, a tight knit rhythm section and undeniably catchy vocal melody choices that really bring the song’s charm to the forefront. But the standout to me was this song’s use of intelligent chord progressions and key changes. Utilizing a 90s-style Pop/Rock sound with a hint of Pearl Jam’s “Ten” album sensibility, “Silver Lining” is an exceptionally well written song with effective vocal harmonies and a Queen-style guitar solo that ties it all together into one big versatile package. The song is accessible, anthemic, and has staying power where the song stays with you even after the song is over.

For a debut single, Benjamin Andrews really hits it out of the park and will definitely get you pumped for what he has in store next. The song will definitely entice you to delve deeper into Andrew‘s past, present and future. “Silver Lining” is available now on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be more than glad you gave it a listen.

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Exclusive Review: Nahhdahh – “I Feel a Way (feat. Micky Marshall)” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Still shot from Nahhdahh’s music video for his single “I Feel a Way”

Comprised of vibes, flow and clever lyrical outbursts facilitated by an unwaveringly catchy chorus, Oakland-based rising Hip Hop artist Nahhdahh proves that he is on his way to being one of Hip Hop’s more vital voices with his newest banger “I Feel a Way”.

This track definitely has California vibes in all the right places. The beat structure provides more of a groove than your standard Hip Hop single, and provides a crisp and clear vocal execution that showcases Nahhdahh in the most effective ways. There’s also tour de force choreography from the video-featured dancer Micky Marshall, who breathes life into this video with smooth-as-silk dance moves and skilled articulation that gracefully captures an entirely different essence in this video like a time capsule. The song is also a mess load of fun and is definitely worthy enough of being on a night club and radio scene’s regular rotation. The production value is definitely a worthy mention, but one major standout is the authenticity and realism of Nahhdahh‘s mainstream-level voice. With a more aggressive tone similar to Ja Rule or even perhaps DMX, he boasts a flavorful approach that sets the tone throughout the song in a way that grabs your undivided attention. It’s the type of voice that others would believe comes from a mainstream artist.

Since “I Feel a Way” released onto the market, Nahhdahh has managed to garner an insatiable buzz throughout California and its regional surroundings, and continues to hit the ground running without intentions of slowing down anytime soon…or at all. The song is available now on YouTube and other digital music streaming platforms. Pick this one up if real rap is your thing.

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Exclusive Review: Wayz – “On God” Single/Music Video

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art for Wayz’ new single “On God”

Coming out the gate from the Tampa Bay, Florida music scene, rising Hip Hop artist Wayz has been creating a respective buzz in his regional area. He’s been a vital voice in the Hip Hop community that is set out to make a difference, and legitimately proves this with his newest Rock-inspired single “On God”.

This track, accompanied by a cinematic official music video, is a beyond solid banger that is comprised with a slamming rhythm section, clever beat structures, authentic lyrical punchlines and a heavy chorus that cranks up the energy like no other Hip Hop song. Wayz‘ flow is not only smooth and crisp throughout the song’s mix, but is also executed in a way that effectively showcases his craft in many angles. His rhyming techniques are genuine and real, and possesses a unique story-telling method that gets you to resonate with his message. He’s an accessible artist as well, a rapper that isn’t afraid to bring fresh elements to the table to enhance a genre that can tend to succumb to repetitiveness. But Wayz doesn’t have time for half-hearted songwriting – Wayz is truly touching on an innovative sound that has inventive musicianship and artistic value; components that truly make him a one-of-a-kind artist and standout among his respective genre.

“On God” is also a song that’s part of an unreleased documentary which showcases shots of meaningful places that are in Wayz‘ hometown area. The music video also touches on this idea and boasts a very well executed and diligently shot production. It’s something you’d have to see (and here) to believe. The track is available now exclusively on YouTube. You’ll be more than glad you checked this one out.

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Exclusive Review: The Sullivan Sees – “Strange Times” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art for The Sullivan Sees newest single “Strange Times”

Hailing from the landscapes of London, The Sullivan Sees, led by songwriter/musician Mick Cooper, gives us a glimpse and snapshot of lockdown that pays tribute to the every day saviors with the new single “Strange Times”. An eclectic and collaborative song that showcases both the artistic merit of musicianship, and the distinctive message that parallels with it.

Alongside Cooper, at the helm of lead vocals, he is joined by a robust cast of feature artists at the top of their game on this track that includes Dan Harriss on piano, Mattias on guitar, Josue on trumpet, Jason Meekins on drums, rapper Mic, and a debut performance by Ann on backup vocals. The chemistry between these musicians is not just noticeable, but crucial as well, as you can hear a showcasing of each member’s craft throughout the song’s duration. With Cooper’s hauntingly mysterious low-to-mid ranged lead vocals, this song encapsulates an effectively ambient story telling technique that gets your attention from the beginning. The song itself has a clean mix between a lighter 90s-influenced indie rock sensibility with hints of jazz and a versatile vibe that touches on several other genre textures and moods. Cooper presents the song with subtlety and his passion is definitely apparent with both his performance and content.

Feature artist Ann’s vocal appearance is quite a treat. Her impressively high range with tour de force harmonies really adds a flavor twist to this track that really enhances the overall execution of the performance value, which compliments Cooper’s vocals diligently. And rapper Mic delivers some bars and hooks during the song’s bridge and breakdown that really adds to this track’s versatility. He’s unexpected, but certainly not out of place. Meanwhile the guitar work towards this part of the song has a true visceral feel with structured melodic swells, bluesy riffage and overall precision that really solidifies Mattias’s craft on this track that lends more elements to this song’s eclectic tone that makes it a standout of its kind.

“Strange Times” is also a great contribution effort, where all revenues from this song are going to NHS charities. The song is available now on Apple Music, ITunes, Spotify, and other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll definitely be adding this one to your playlist.

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