Exclusive Artist Review: Golden Way – “Heard It All” Single

Milwaukee’s Golden Way has been drawn to the music world since she was young and eventually manifested her love for music into a rising career. After taking up piano and vocals during her high school years, she quickly began writing her own material and solidifying her own style not long after her graduation. Fast forward some years later after many trials and tribulations, and Golden Way is finally ready to take on the industry by storm and show the world exactly what she’s made of: gold. And a sample of that gold has come to fruition with the release of her debut single, “Heard It All”.

Manifesting a multifaceted signature sound that is reminiscent of industry heavyweights like Aaliyah and Brandy, Golden Way with this new single brings her style, look and swagger right to the forefront with her authentically visceral R&B sensibility. Utilizing a mid-to-high vocal range that is angelic and ambient, her blissfully breathy vocals take flight in this song to highs not normally heard in many independent artists. You can tell Golden has a natural gift within her and her musical presence on this single is made apparent from start to finish. This is one catchy tune, and she proves that sometimes it’s not what you’re singing, but how it is executed; and Golden delivers a glamorously nostalgic vibe that reminds us just how crucial R&B has been for the industry, showcasing musical elements that has made the genre what it is today – and how it came to form many years ago when it hit the market.

The chorus on this track has a sustained catchiness that serves up that rare staying power – where it stays with you even long after it’s over. For a debut track, Golden Way has set the bar high for herself and will undoubtedly follow up with another release that will prove its justice. But one of the biggest factors of this song is its authenticity, the fact that it isn’t overproduced into oblivion and really encompasses a mixing/mastering process that is simple yet very effective. Her words are crisp and clear, her melody choices are beyond sufficient and her swagger is integrated in a way that’ll draw you right to her. It’s the type of song that’ll have you diving deeper into Golden’s career and discography as she continues to hit the ground running. But at the very least, you’d be crazy for sleeping on this song, and artist altogether. You can get your copy of “Heard It All” now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms.


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Exclusive Artist Review: Petrella – “Songs Of Many Colors” Album

Affectionately known as the First Lady of Country Music, California’s Petrella emerged onto the scene in 1988 with her distinctive Country/Soul signature sound and since then has garnered an unwavering fan base and musical presence. Having worked and performed alongside a multitude of prominent artists and producers over the years, Petrella has put out a solid number of releases since the inception of her career and has manifested into a style that makes her a standout of her calibre; and she makes this especially apparent with the recent release of her newest album “Songs Of Many Colors”.

Comprised of 11 anthemic tracks, Petrella delves deep into her authentic Country/Soul stylization with an amazing range of powerful vocal projections and catchy blues-driven melodies. Her charismatic old school flavors diligently parallel with today’s more modern Country sensibility, delivering a fresh sound that is authentically visceral and wholesomely innovative all while serving up those classic Country & Soul elements that put the genre on the map in a way we know and love today. Opening track “Bring It Here Baby” is an excellent example of this, showcasing Petrella’s addictive charisma and vocal presence with her signature rasp and flavorful melody choices. Another notable song on the album is the western inspired “Waltz For Love”, showcasing another crucial angle of Petrella’s vocal approach that really brings out her artistic merit and musicianship factors. This song, along with others on the album, piece together the many parts of Petrella’s songwriting talents right along with her strong performance value, giving every listener a front row seat to her many years of musical ability throughout each track’s duration.

If you are just discovering Petrella now, then “Songs Of Many Colors” will make you an instant fan. Meanwhile her current fans and fans over the years will absolutely love this record, reminding them that her innovative and catchy sound continues to evolve, manifest and draw in new listeners with every release. The album is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms.


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Exclusive Artist Review: Hunnitband Kobe – “How” & “Exhausted” Singles

Coming out the gate from upstate New York, Hunnitband Kobe began hitting the ground running in the Hip Hop game about a year and a half ago with his distinctive flow and witty lyricism. Formerly known for being a skilled basketball player, Kobe has always had the spirit of music inside him and eventually began manifesting into his realm of songwriting and performing, knowing his passion has always harbored in the musical world. Since that time, he has put out a handful of impressive singles and has really come into his own with the recent release of newest singles “How” and “Exhausted”. Two dynamically catchy songs with Kobe’s signature swagger, cleverly crafted punchlines and atmospheric beats that deliver a charismatic Hip Hop and R&B modern formula.

“How” is an insatiably catchy track with a very versatile and ambient beat structure. Hunnitband Kobe comes out swinging on this number with diligently placed vocal melodies paralleled with lyrics that are cleverly structured and strongly executed. This track has a swagger Hip Hop sensibility with an innovative R&B flavor that merges together into a signature sound that is effective, original and attention grabbing. If it’s your first time listening to Kobe’s music, this single will definitely leave a strong impression on you. Second single “Exhausted” is another track with a similar aura but implements an old school 90s vibe that really serves up a nostalgic presence. Fans of older Rap and today’s modern market will equally love this song and really put this one on their favorites of 2021 thus far. Kobe’s flow on the verses is very multifaceted and really merges with the wholesome beat throughout the song’s duration in a way that showcases his songwriting structures in a different crucial angle. It further demonstrates Kobe’s skills as a writer and really raises the bar when drawing comparisons to today’s contemporary artist and industry standard. You won’t go wrong with this song and you can tell Kobe paid close attention to detail.

Both tracks deliver a visceral listening experience and Kobe as an artist really serves up a sound that showcases his musicianship factors, production value and artistic merit. They’re very effective songs for the genre and fans of several different Hip Hop eras will definitely appreciate his raw and real delivery. Both singles are available now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms.


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