Exclusive Artist Interview: Dixon Rose

Right before New Year’s Eve, we released an article for Dixon Rose‘s hit song “One More Chance.” A track our readers loved and is still gaining traction and critical acclaim. The solo musician has been working hard at putting his writing skills to use to pump out new tracks for 2021 and so far has diligently succeeded in solidifying a very catchy signature sound. So while he continues to rise his way up through the music industry realm, we got a chance to do a comprehensive interview with the alt/rock artist exclusively here at Artist Reach to get a closer glimpse into Dixon Rose‘s career.

You’ve been playing music for 15 years now. How old were you when you first started playing and what got you into it?

I started playing guitar when I was about 15 or 16. I remember watching Guns ‘n Roses concert and hearing Slash play a solo of the godfather theme. And when I heard that, I immediately knew this is what I wanted to do! And actually a good friend of mine in high school taught me how to play in my beginnings, he was one of those guys that can pick up any instrument and learn how to play it almost instantly, so I was luckily I had him in my life to work with me.

Your newest music has a vast array of versatility. What are some of your personal musical influences that help you mold your signature style?

There’s so many cause I listen to practically anything. Everything from rockers like Guns ‘N Roses to Limp Bizkit, and others like Jay-Z, Madonna. Lady GaGa, REO Speedwagon, Ronnie Milsap, Garth Brooks, The Beach Boys and even Korn. I pretty much listen to everything, I have an eclectic taste and I think that’s why my music crosses over different genre tastes. I never understood why most groups or bands stick to one thing for most of their careers. I think music is all about experimentation and trying new things. But if I had to pick one artist as an inspiration for me personally, I’d still have to say Slash – you can just feel his music when he plays.

Throughout your career, tell us about your best show and your worst show.

To tell the truth, I’ve never had a “bad show or good show”. My old band in high school practiced a lot and were pretty well oiled. I’d have to say that the hardest part about me performing is dealing with anxiety, and BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) plus frankly I do tend to have self esteem issues of my own, so theres that.

As a songwriter, what kind of topics do you see yourself writing about most often? Whether it be lyrically or instrumentally. Shed some light on your songwriting structure(s).

I try to write about things that people have experienced in life. Gay teen suicide, bullying in high school. Gay relationships. Mental disorders. But at the end of the day I don’t really “decide” on what I’m going to write. It’s hard to explain but it’s more like a feeling. Or how I’m feeling when I start writing. As far as my structure goes, I’m self taught, so I don’t know much about music theory. So honestly when I start writing, I typically just fiddle around with some power chords then when something catches my ears’ attention, I run with it. And if the song reminds me of a song from a band I like, I’ll give my song that same skeletal structure so to speak. So say a verse, chorus, verse, chorus then a bridge back into another verse and chorus. But a lot of it also has to do with the style of song I’m writing. And really I’m fairly new to writing my own stuff. So I’m still learning a lot of new techniques and writing structures.

What’s the biggest message(s) you put out through your music? What do you hope to inspire your fans with, and what do you hope they gain from listening to your songs?

Well I suppose world peace is too much to ask for. So my message and goal ultimately is to get people into listening to different music and learning music. And to try and educate on a personal note as a gay man. I’d like to touch on the gay community, if my music gets a few people into picking up a guitar, or stopping a bullied teen from killing themselves then my music is worth it and I feel as though I’ve done my part in making the world a little bit better.

How’d you come up with the stage name “Dixon Rose”?

I’m a big Daryl Dixon fan and the rose part is actually an homage to my mom, plus Roses are my favorite flower. And the name sounds really cool altogether as well, so I stuck with it.

Your debut single “One More Chance” is definitely far beyond your average debut track from artists these days. How has the fan reception been so far?

I think the fans have been great about the song. I’ve had a few gay people tell me they love that there is finally a love/rock ballad about a gay couple . The song was inspired by a guy I’m kinda seeing and through personal events between us both, the song just kinda came about. And for anyone that’s interested in knowing, yes the guy I wrote it for loves the song, and things are going pretty damn good.

We can’t wait to hear more of your future releases. When can we expect new music? And is it gonna be another single, or is it gonna be an EP or album?

Actually I’m working on like 5 more original songs currently, and 3 or 4 cover songs. And I’ve been on the grind with laying down more tracks, so I’d say in the next upcoming month or so there’ll be more coming out.

How has the coronavirus affected your career this past year so far?

Covid hasn’t really affected my music much. If anything it has caused me to play and write more. But I’m definitly ready for it to end so I can go out and have a bit of fun and get live shows rolling again.

•What can we expect from Dixon Rose in 2021?

For the future it’s hard to say. As of now there’ll be more music. And I’m looking into trying some things with rap, dark synth music, and even some country. So it’ll be interesting. But I do want to give a couple little special thanks to some people…. I’d like to thank Slash for giving me the desire to play music. Thanks to Geoff for teaching me guitar and giving me the will to keep up with it, and a special thank you to JP for giving me the inspiration to write my own music and encouraging me to do it, and to all the fans that encourage me to keep doing it.

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Exclusive Artist Review: Rob Alexander – “Dream Out Loud” Album

When it comes to encapsulating anthemic Rock songs with dynamic lyrics, addictive melodies and top of the line performance and production value in epic proportions, third time is a charm for Rob Alexander‘s newest 13-track juggernaut Dream Out Loud. His third album in three years and easily one of his best yet.

Rob Alexander has done it again and just keeps getting better with time. You can hear from his debut record all the way up to this newest one that he keeps upping the ante on perfecting his craft and tightening his songwriting. Each track on Dream Out Loud sounds like something freshly conjured, but still provides that signature stylization we’ve come to know and love about Rob‘s eclectic swagger. From a tight knit rhythm section, melodically crunchy guitar riffs with catchy progressions and intelligent lyrics, Rob brings it all together into one powerfully multifaceted unit with twists, turns and undeniable versatility throughout every measure of this album.

Opening track “Yesterday’s News” is an upbeat and electronically infused song that is fun and crafty. If you’ve heard Rob‘s previous albums, then you’ll notice that this track immediately showcases a slightly more modern direction, but also satisfies your fancy to hear what new tricks Rob has up his sleeves. Just like his last two records, each song offers up several different Rock and Blues elements, but you can still tell that it’s all coming from the same artist. And Dream Out Loud sticks with that formula, where Rob Alexander diligently showcases several angles of his songwriting and performance ability. Other tracks on this record like “Angel & Johnny” are more piano-driven, subtle, and always delivers a wholesome sound with great vocal hooks and innovative guitar touches. “Hot Potato” is a catchy and ominous track that is insatiably rhythmic with an excitably punchy chorus, while closing track “Game Over” is more visceral with a theatrical and wholesome approach that truly brings Rob Alexander‘s versatility to the forefront; tying the album together and leaving you yearning for more.

Rob Alexander proves with every release just how much he improves each time. Dream Out Loud is definitely his strongest yet, and continues to build on his authentic signature sound that his fans absolutely love. This record has something for everyone and if this is your first time discovering Rob, then strap yourself in for a ride. The album will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and several other digital music streaming platforms. Also, as an impressive highlight, Dream Out Loud was written and recorded in 2020 and features current members of Elton John’s band. It will be available February 5th, 2021. Rob is starting off the new year with a bang and we can’t wait to see what this year has in store for him!


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Exclusive Artist Review: Rootspence & The Groove Makers – “Judgement Day” LP

Now here’s a group you’ll rarely discover in your lifetime. A band of versatility, nostalgia and unwavering talent that showcases multiple angles of their signature stylization, Rootspence & The Groove Makers are a seven-member Mozambican powerhouse tackling their own crossbreed of Reggae/Pop/R&B and Fusion; done in a way that is both multilayered and multifaceted. And if this description entices you, then you will lovingly feel the bliss of this group’s musical power with the fruition of their latest 8-track juggernaut Judgement Day.

With their formation setting its groundwork in 2015 by Helio “Rootspence” Sixpence (vocalist/frontman) in Maputo, Mozambique, The Groove Makers quickly began hitting the ground running and have no intention of stopping anytime soon. The Groove Makers are very well known for their jazzy, African-guitar style and pop approach to reggae featuring live musical instruments. The fusion imprint results from the diverse rhythmic mastery from the band members, entailing Hard Rock, Gospel, Afro-fusion, Kizomba, Jazz and Hip-hop. And when you put this multi-genre concoction together, you get Judgement Day. Eight songs with top notch production and performance value with more layers and hooks to go around. With undeniably catchy choruses embracing every track, it’s songs like “Everything”, “My Heart” and “Beautiful Smile” that truly give The Groove Makers the staying power; the power to stay with you even after the song is over, because you’ll be getting these choruses completely stuck in your head with no escape.

The musicianship factors are completely off the charts with this album. With smooth bass lines, a tight-knit rhythm section with soulful anthemic vocal energy and every other additive each member brings to the table, Judgement Day simply is a record of not just pure talent, but perfectionism too. Every nook and cranny is covered, and with slick guitar progressions and stylistic keyboard parts with on-the-mark backup vocals, Judgement Day also proves that the band is fully comprised of not just top of the line musicians, but principal songwriters as well. Whether it’s on a cruise ship or stadium, The Groove Makers have put together a wholesome sound that never leaves a stone unturned, and that’s exactly what is comprised on Judgment Day.

Throughout their five year career, the band has already acquired a vast array of accomplishments including a 2020 WAM Award Nominee (Best Reggae Music), 7 Times Reverb Nation Featured Artist, Selected for Global Home Music Fest, SongDew TV, Brews Radio, and several others. Rootspence & The Groove Makers are one of those bands you become stoked about after discovering them. And after you take a listen to Judgment Day yourself, you’ll see (and hear) exactly why. The album is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and several other digital music streaming platforms.

For Roots the most rewording thing in the word is “that feeling, you know… when you look deep into someone’s eyes and you just feel great… you don’t care about what you lost because you believe sharing, giving and mending souls is just the right and greatest thing to do”. Baptized Roots as translation of his reasoning style. Paradoxically idealist and man with feet on the ground, he advocates love, respect, compassion, harmony, equality and peace. -Rootspence


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