Exclusive Review: Lavender Galaxy – “Lavender Galaxy” EP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Lavender Galaxy’s Self Titled EP

Music that’s meant to make you move with atmospheric moods is one of many ways to describe Lavender Galaxy‘s self titled EP. A project conjured and masterminded by pioneer producer Eric Remington, this 5-track juggernaut is more than what meets the ear when it comes to the Dance and EDM sensibilities it encapsulates with careful crafting and coherence. It’s a visceral listening experience, and really wraps its signature sound around your mind, body and soul.

Featuring several vocalists that are designated for each song, this anthemic EP starts out with a bang on opening track “Paradise (feat. Antonia Fountain). The upbeat bounce beat is immediately apparent on this track with a clever synth/key intro that introduces a catchy chord progression and an ambient aura. As the song takes off, the vocal melodies sung by Fountain truly enhance the detail-oriented production value, putting a perfect parallel between the atmospheric tones and the mid-to-high vocal range. The song “I’d Follow You” also features Antonia Fountain and has a craft that is honed similarly, but not repetitive in any way.

The standout on this record is definitely “Livin’ It Up (feat. Marvin Fockens)”. A futuristic track with vital vocal melodies and a contagiously catchy chorus that is next to impossible to get out of your head. On this track especially, you can really grasp onto Remington‘s signature production style that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity, blending a mid-2000s callback energy and a burst of modern textures that come together beautifully. The backgrounded details on this track are complimentary, the melodic structure is next to flawless, and the vibes are uplifting and dynamic; making this track a standout of its kind from start to finish.

This EP is a rollercoaster ride of beautifully executed tracks that enhance the EDM/Dance listening experience with solid songwriting techniques, detail-oriented production value, and a style that remains consistent and vibrant. You’ll love every song on this record, and it will definitely entice you to check into the Lavender Galaxy catalogue as well as future releases. The EP is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital music streaming platforms.

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Exclusive Review: DJ Raw B – “Uncorrupted” Album

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

With a dynamically versatile style and several decades in the business, it’s no wonder pioneer artist/creator DJ Raw B has garnered unwavering accomplishments over the years. And he continues to do so with his latest album ‘Uncorrupted’.

Combining a raw, unique 90s approach with a clever modern spin, this album is a blast of nostalgia as well as a breath of fresh air. The production value is high quality and provides the perfect textures to make this record really stand out both musically and lyrically. Tracks like “Toscin” and “Genesis” have classic 90s grooves with smooth beats and eclectic twists and turns that really showcases DJ Raw B‘s signature sound, while other tracks like “Unspeakable” and “Keynote Speaker” have hauntingly ambient vibes that balance atmosphere and smooth bass lines, and are easily the standouts of the album.

DJ Raw B is no stranger to the industry though; he began hitting the ground running in the early 90s as a co-host/DJ for the critically acclaimed underground San Francisco-based hip hop show Beat Sauce, who brought on a plethora of notable guests including industry heavyweights like Jay-Z, Eminem, OutKast, Common, the Black Eyed Peas, Mobb Deep, among many others. By 2001, DJ Raw B became “Best Local Club DJ” in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, playing shows that ranged from underground hip hop clubs to more lavish higher-end venues. DJ Raw B also got involved with many different collaborations, including Smash Mouth’s performance of their hit song “All Star” in the movie Rat Race. He has also garnered success in the radio circuit, including working on KMEL’s “Sway In The Morning”, KCBS News, and KNBR’s “Morning Show With Murph & Mac”.

With a resumé like that, it’s no wonder that ‘Uncorrupted‘ has the uniqueness that it does, and you can very much hear a successful and skillful DJ throughout every track’s duration. And if you haven’t heard DJ Raw B yet, then this album will make you an instant fan. The album is currently available online and all digital music streaming platforms.

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Exclusive Review: Lucas Gil – “Escape” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Hailing from the landscapes of the UK’s Brighton area, recording artist and producer Lucas Gil began hitting the ground running after dropping his debut album in 2018, and since then has manifested an insatiable buzz and respectable following since his inception. Now after two albums in the books and relentless DIY promotion, Lucas has come back out swinging with his newest single “Escape”.

Honing a signature sound that captures the essence of 80’s Synth-Wave and today’s more modern EDM approach, “Escape” is a song that puts a nostalgic feel into the electronic experience, balancing equal parts originality and familiarity; giving his listeners a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable. His rhythms and progressions are diligently placed and have a simple yet effective aura throughout the first half of the track. It grabs the listener’s undivided attention and embraces you with both smart melody choices and a subtle yet suspenseful buildup.

There’s a great use of synth parts throughout the track’s duration and it really showcases Lucas‘s craft as a producer as well as a songwriter. It never tries to outdo itself in any way nor are there any repetitive one trick pony tactics. Each measure offers up intrigue and fresh angles that contribute to this song and Lucas‘s attentiveness to detail is very much present.

“Escape” is currently available for download on all mainstream digital platforms and we can’t recommend this highly enough. If you dig today’s EDM realm with 80’s and 90’s flavors, then this track will not disappoint.

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Cymber Lily Quinn – “Band Of Angels”

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Hailing from the landscapes of Colorado, Cymber Lily Queen has been a standout of her caliber as a professional award-winning harpist and composer, specializing in background music and house concerts in a vast array of different settings and moods. Her music is versatile and infuses a nature-based articulation that encourages conversation and connection. And her track “Band Of Angels” is a brilliant demonstration of this.

With tightly-knit harp swells and diligently placed melodies in the forefront, Cymber Lily Queen really entices our ears to embrace atmosphere and ambience. Her emotional melodies bring us to a place of comfort and relaxation, meanwhile comprises a realm where our thoughts are in safe keeping and our hearts can stay warm. It’s a song that becomes the soundtrack of your soul and the essence of your aura, bringing to the table a composition that not only embraces you, but stays with you long after it’s over as well. The melodies stay within a safe and subtle mid-to-high range key signature that leaves room for expression, rhythm and lead parts for Cymber to showcase her craft with many angles; serving up a dose of her songwriting techniques as well as skills with her harp in its entirety. It’s a perfect song and window into Cymber Lily Queen‘s craft and God given talent, as well as her signature sound and performance style.

If you’re into something smooth, classical, atmospheric and heart-warming, then Cymber Lily Queen will be going on your favorites list in no time. She is a joy to behold.

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Artist Review: Chuck W – “Get Your Shit Together!” LP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

With an exercise in innovation, experimentation and musical stimulation, Long Island’s Chuck W brings forth 4 years of in-depth puzzle pieces in every track of the frenetic, lo-fi synth-travel signature sound of his Get Your Shit Together! LP. An album that not only grabs you with persistent musicality, but imagery as well.

This instrumental album is comprised with a vast array of musical elements that range from clever looping samples, atmospheric textures, groovy tempos and jazz-infused outbursts that top off with a theatrical and at-times industrial edge. The track “Monoarm” is a grungy and multifaceted set of layers that sends us on an audio and visual journey. The ambient mood that underlies in this frantic track really demonstrates Chuck‘s dynamic behind the mixing board, as well as his songwriting structure that touches on many tangible elements that gives this song the push that it needs to enter your brainwaves. It’ll stick with you in a way you can’t really explain, but it’ll easily have you enticed to explore the rest of this album with your antennas for detail up. The rhythmic groove on this song is not only notable, but downright necessary. There are no blanks to fill on this track – Chuck covers all bases on “Monoarm” and really delves into detail that gives him undeniable versatility.

Veering over to the soundtrack-worthy “Jazz For A Rainy Day”, this creepy track lends an arm to a more theatrical take on Chuck‘s signature touch. This one gives you visuals and it really dives deep into the clever songwriting structures that is made apparent throughout the album. This keyboard-driven track really adds a fascinating parallel to the other songs on the album and really adds more concept to this multilayered musical journey.

Get Your Shit Together! is a nostalgic landscape of audio imagery that is immediately gratifying to the experimental sides of our brains. It has a wit and charm that speaks solely through instruments, structure and textures. Once you give this a listen, you won’t quite be the same again. But you’ll keep coming back to this album to go through each measure of detail, trying to capture every puzzle piece of the in-depth structure that Chuck W conjures throughout this album’s duration. You can’t go wrong with this album – there’s nothing else like it.

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